EnglishEdit. NounEdit An Anti-Jewish symbol where triple parentheses are placed around Jews names as an insult, based on the Neo-Nazi belief that the actions 


communication system, the name of the system is given in parentheses after the term or equivalent, e.g. (UMTS). In some cases, the following symbols have also.

yelling. “All Jews must die” and opening fire upon  8 Jul 2020 Twitter enabled OANN correspondent Jack Posobiec's rise by giving him space to promote hate and mislead the public without facing  15 Sep 2014 Yesterday I saw an English template contract that had in the signature blocks three brackets (or rather, closing parentheses) one on top of the  5 Jun 2016 If you've been on Twitter lately, you've probably noticed people with brackets around their name. If not, it basically looks like this: ((( Ashitha  23 Nov 2016 Type in an address, get the phone number of the congressional representative who speaks for that district. That's the entire process used in  birb (O v O") (no triple parentheses allowed) has 671 members. NO TRIPLE PARENTHESES OR NEONAZI APOLOGISTS ONLY BIRB CONTENT. 8 juin 2016 Un curieux symbole, ((())), adopté dans les tweets et les commentaires de certains internautes, pullule sur les sites américains d'extrême-droite  Jul 4, 2017 - (((Echo))) is a symbol used by anti-Semitic members of the alt-right to identify certain individuals as Jewish by surrounding their names with three  18 Apr 2021 Uh oh it seems I've attracted a snake!

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The purpose of this task is to give students a chance to work creatively with three of the four fundamental arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, and 

Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. get reddit premium. 2021-04-24 I saw a few comments on Reddit using this.

Triple parentheses

The triple parentheses have been adopted as an online stigma by antisemites, neo-Nazis, browsers of the "Politically Incorrect" board on 4chan, and white nationalists to identify individuals of Jewish background as targets for online harassment, such as Jewish political journalists critical of Donald Trump during his 2016 election campaign.

Triple parentheses

Putting a name of a company or person in triple parentheses (((example))), is a way of singling out Jews used by anti-semites. It's also called a 'echo', and anti-Semites claim that it shows how Jews' actions 'echo' through time. Triple parentheses or triple brackets, also known as an (((echo))), are an antisemitic symbol that has been used to highlight the names of individuals of a Jewish background, or organizations thought to be owned by Jews. The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews.

Pizza value using expression with parentheses Given any three positive numbers a, b, c, return true if the triangle with sides a, b and c is right-angled.
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“Coincidence Detector” would search web pages for names that it identified as Jewish and add three brackets to The parentheses are a visual pun on that idea of the echo. Awareness of the echo spread thanks to a "coincidence detector" plug-in. All of this renders the parentheses’ mystery a lot less mysterious. (And this is all ignoring the fact that there’s little need to “hide” anti-Semitism on Twitter anyway, Triple Parentheses, also known as (((Echo))), is a symbol used by anti-Semitic members of the alt-right to identify certain individuals as Jewish by surrounding their names with three parentheses on each side.

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8 Jul 2020 Twitter enabled OANN correspondent Jack Posobiec's rise by giving him space to promote hate and mislead the public without facing 

I gave him a few chances, but I think I’m done with JP now and I don’t even like the ((( ))) shorthand. Triple Parentheses, ((( Echo ))), of Echoes is een hondenfluitje. Het gaat om de 3 open-haakjes en de 3 sluit-haakjes met daarin een term, doorgaans een (gebruikers)naam van een Joods persoon of de Joodse gemeenschap, aangeduid met (((they))) of (((them))). Within the past two days, something strange has happened to usernames on Twitter: user after user has added three sets of brackets around their name.

Multiple parentheses—or the "echo," as it is sometimes referred to—is a typographical practice used by some anti-Semites on-line. It typically consists of three pairs of parentheses or brackets used around someone's name or around a term or phrase. When used around someone's name—such as ( ( (Natalie Weiss)))—it is intended by the user to indicate

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